13 December, 2016 | 10:00 – 13:00

100 video interviews for 1 job within 1 single day?
Assessment Centers that can really show the work behavior of the candidates?
5 minute in-depth surveys to analyze your team to make better decisions?

Get to know 3 smart tools to bring the most out of your HR activities! Use only one or all three, individually or combined, these solutions can strengthen the different areas of your company’s HR. Three Hungarian forerunners (Indivizo, SimTeam, CX-Ray) of HR innovations show you how these solutions can enhance your HR processes, what benefits they bring to you, your employees and your organization.


  • Welcome and opening (20 min)
  • Start-up business environment (10 min)
  • About the 3 start-ups in a nutshell (30 min)
  • Mini demonstrations, interactive sessions (75 min)
  • Q&A (30 min)

Visitors are welcome starting from 09:00. Participation in the event is FREE, but is subject to an approved registration.

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Greta is responsible for keeping customers happy with marketing activities such as publishing content via blog and social media. She completed her master's thesis on the role of marketing in startups’ lives. She loves reading and travelling.

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