3 tips how to measure engagement


Engaged employees demonstrate responsibility. They are the most important assets of high performing teams and companies. Their attitude affects others, spreading their mentality everywhere in the company.

Many psychological researches demonstrated the bias upon how we evaluate our own performance and attitude at work. You should consider this bias when you measure engagement in your company! How to do in a more professional way? Peer evaluation can provide you with a reliable solution.

Best practices

Jim Collins – in his book Good to Great – identified those factors that distinguish outstanding companies from mediocre ones. In such companies like Wells Fargo, Gillette, Philip Morris one of the most important factor of the success is the attitude of the staff. The great companies promote only hardworking people with strong work ethic. But how to identify them?

Our clients apply CX-Ray Engagement surveys to answer this question. The CX-Ray tools support several HR decisions regarding career development, performance appraisal and rewarding system.

Case study

The management in one of our client companies decided to offer employee stock options to those colleagues who demonstrate responsibility above average. They started to survey employee engagement every month with CX-Ray tools. The management monitored the tendencies throughout a year. At the end of the year, they could identify the people with higher engagement who have been rewarded with employee stocks. With these action, the management sent a clear message: the ownership mentality is rewarded by real ownership.

Why you should measure engagement

Most managers acknowledge the bias upon how they perceive their colleagues’ achievements. One said: “I exactly know that sometimes I promote people with the same style, same age like me – regardless the achievements. It’s very hard to get off the bias – especially in people decisions.” For him, a more objective tool would be extremely helpful.

Engagement has a special characteristic: it’s infectious. Several motivation researches proved that if you are surrounded by highly motivated people, you tend to increase your efforts in your job. At the other hand, if your colleagues are unmotivated, you will decrease your efforts. CX-Ray makes this phenomenon visible. Individual engagement is visualized along with intense work relations – just to know who possibly affects whom.

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