Information Flow

How to Waste Talent, Time and Work

CX-Ray, How to waste time, talent and money

Is the information flow killing the cooperation among your team members? Here’s the highest time to realize the importance of most often overlooked communication. Symptoms of insufficient and missing team communication can be easily mistaken as personal faults. Even if the team member leaves the company, similar problems would reappear demoralizing the team further on. […]

5 Stages of Resolving Workplace Conflicts

CX-Ray, 5 Stages of Conflict Resolution

Nowadays, it’s natural for organizations to work in teams. It’s a proven approach to get people together with different background working in a joint venture. Colleagues have different point of views and under pressure these differences can easily escalate to conflicts. That is to say workplace conflicts are inevitable. However, conflict may be beneficial if they are treated well. Healthy and constructive ones are key components of high-performing teams. Conflicts arise from individual differences which are truly valuable and make diverse teams more effective. Complex projects are usually addressed by cross-functional teams with differing opinion, skill sets, and varying viewpoints. So it is essential to welcome differences rather than eradicate them.

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