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How To Build The Ultimate Team

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Larger teams tend to fall into different subgroups, that are barely organized to work together, so constantly falling out of synch. Sales guys sometimes miss changes in priority, products and opportunities or back-end development works on a new feature that has not been even scheduled for the front-end group yet. Companies are usually visualized by […]

Understanding Group Dynamics

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Group dynamics in a work organisation is a complex phenomenon driven by formal and informal processes. While managers have a certain amount of influence on the former processes the latter ones often go completely unseen, and still, have a crucial effect on the performance outcomes of the. In this article we explain the importance of understanding group dynamics and present solutions that, among many other things, enables you to explore the collaboration, communication culture and engagement within your team.

Harnessing the Power of S.M.A.R.T. in Team-Buildings: A Primer

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Joanne has a team of 12 employees reporting to her; she hired most of them in the last six months. One day, she realizes that recruiting and training them wasn’t enough. The team operates far too slowly and lacks any sense of flexibility—they don’t have any fun, she thinks. And then it dawns on her: There’s very little conversation or camaraderie; everyone is immersed in his or her own world, rather than engaging with each other. The team’s not in sync.

How to master collaboration?

CX-Ray, How to master collaboration?

When creating or developing an existing team, no one really expects one employee to solve everything. Challenges worth overcoming are complex, practical, and more often than not, interdisciplinary in nature. Distributing tasks among diversely skilled members is usually the way to go.

Creating a team that is meant to be collaborative is however everything but a trivial task. Cooperation in teams may fail for several reasons. One of those is the lack of a clear definition. So in this article we are going to discuss how and why you should define your own collaborative culture.

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